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    ShangHai F&S Filtration Technology Co.;Ltd long service in precision filtration industry, after years of efforts, has now developed into R & D, design, manufacturing, marketing, service in one of the high-tech enterprises. F&S widely application in petroleum chemical industry, fine chemical industry, chemical fiber textile, bio pharmaceutical, microelectronics, food and beverage and other fields. In the increasingly fierce market competition, F&S with years of experience in the industry, and strive to find and tap the market demand, for customers to provide the best "filtering system optimization scheme".

    Professional commitment to optimize the product

    Attention in the R & D performance excellence and high price of products, optimize the product performance, improve productivity, reduce the cost of operation and maintenance; the unique design to ensure minimal maintenance frequency and downtime and ensure the maintenance more convenient.

    Cleaner Production

    F & S filter bag / filter production plant in Shanghai; all core components of our products is done in a thousand sterile (GMP Certification Class B) clean room. In the production process in every aspect, we strictly follow the ISO9001 quality standards and guidelines, which ensure that we provide you with the product has a high quality, reliable and flexible delivery of both.

    Independent laboratory

    F & S has a separate fluid dynamics laboratory simulation experiment to calculate the various data products, to optimize the process and module combinations.
    Our detection equipment: DS melt instrument, strength tester, an air permeability tester, electronic magnifying glass, imported stretch, infrared spectroscopy, VDI tester, dust detector, infrared imagers, anemometer, thermometer , hygrometer, pressure, range finder, filter bag leak detector, weighing instrument.
    Our analysis software: AFMS analysis software, thermal imaging spectroscopy software, fiber acid analysis software filter, air filter peak computing software.

    Entire process of quality control

    F&S using an internationally recognized design and manufacturing standards (ASME or GB150) for product design, manufacturing and testing, coupled with strict quality control and management, eliminate a part of any risk, to ensure reliable product quality.

    Sales service

    Because when you filter issues F&S establishing cooperation, you get not only the filtration products, but the entire Fuai Shi's full suite of technical support and services; our engineers will keep track to make sure your filters It is highly efficient and stable operation; in addition to providing operation and maintenance recommendations, but also provide appropriate technical solutions such as technological improvements, product upgrading and so on.

    The major products include:

    FSB8 / 9 series bag filter, FSC1 / 2/3 series core filter, FSY Series mobile filtration system, FST series tubular filtration system, FSGP series pulsed gas filter, FSGC Series Precision gas filter, precision filter bags precision filter element

    US 3M (CUNO) our distributors and stockists and technology service providers in China

    Very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce you to the United States 3M (CUNO) filter products, filter on Haifuaishi Technology Co., Ltd. is the designated agent of the US company 3M filtration products, mainly 3M 100 series, 500 series and high-performance liquid filter bags NB series universal bag and 6100,700 series high-flow filters and other varieties. Currently, the products have been used in many industries at home and abroad, and its excellent value for money and good stability has been widely recognized by customers. As the United States 3M filtration products designated agents, our company have all kinds of common specifications precision filtration products and supporting filter inventory to meet customer demand.

    Our advantage:

           * Tens of thousands of continuous improvement 3M (CUNO) latest products, including almost all the industrial filters and reasonable stock available.
           * Customer service engineer evolving to provide you with professional product selection and patient services.
           * Located in Shanghai's Songjiang warehouse distribution center to ensure reliable and timely delivery of your order, and gradually establish a warehousing and distribution center in China your nearest service center to other industrial cities.
           * Continuous improvement of internal ERP and supply chain information processing platform, to ensure that customer orders and demand for accurate and efficient processing.
           * Relying on CRM (customer relationship management) system F & S Fuai Shi China Customer Relationship Management team, the fastest response to your needs or complaints sale, focus on customer experience and satisfaction.
           * Regular Customer Care famous trade show tour, listen to your pious advice.
           * 500 reliable partner worth your try.

    Honor and qualification