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  • Petrochemical

    Lubricating oil filtration, oil / fuel additives, catalyst recovery, activated carbon and filter aid to clear, liquid clarification, amine desulfurization, naphtha, oil field water, completion fluid filtration, distillation and fractionation process, the gas purification process, drilling and injection water


    1. reduce operational costs and labor costs, reduce energy consumption and significantly reduced processing costs 2. to ensure product quality and stability

    Fine Chemicals

    Ethylene glycol, cooling water, dye recovery, removal of activated carbon, bleaching agents intercept, canned clarified, filtered latex emulsion, viscose filtration, and the catalyst dispersion was recovered, filtered and the solvent acid solution, gas purification process, fiber melt filter


    1. Provide high-quality products 2. Lower the process operating and maintenance costs

    auto Industry

    Today's car manufacturers are facing quality, productivity and cost reduction issues. Fu Aishi products ensure that nearly every fluid system to the highest cleanliness standards in the manufacturing process. Ultimately reduce maintenance and downtime and replacement costs.Coating pre-treatment filtration and electrophoretic paint, varnish and paint filter, spray water clarification rain assembly, welding cooling water filtration, skimmed loop filter, dosing, feeding, feeding paint system, engine coolant filtration


    1. Make sure the product is stable and high quality 2. Avoid filtering does not lead to continuous shutdown costs 3. remove solid or liquid impurities, reduce shrinkage and finish reprocessing

    Electronic Industry

    Pure water pre-filtration, cooling water filtration, the clear solution of zinc deposits, stabilizing bath electrolytic copper impurity purge the DI, deionized water filtration system, the RO water reverse osmosis systems prefiltration chemical filter, photosensitive resist filtering the plating solution and magnetic media filtration, washing and spraying liquid filtration, semiconductor, optical, circuit boards, CRT, LCD polarizing film, a color filter production technology and process gas purification wash cycle
    1. 2. Make sure that the lower cost of filtration products and stable high quality 3. To ensure high yield products of high purity process and finished 4. Reduce operating and maintenance costs

    Water Treatment

    Fu Aishi full range of filtration solutions to meet a variety of requirements for water quality industry. Our professional system design can be based on each customer's specific requirements to design effective water treatment and filtration solutions.
    Ion exchange resin recovery, the cooling system to remove dust, water pipes remove scale, mineral water impurity removal, waste water treatment and filtration aggregated harmful chemicals, urban water filtration, well water filtration (removal of colloidal) remove silt remove sediment in seawater and seaweed
    1. The regeneration of ion exchange resins significant cost savings 2. reduce suspended solids and microorganisms lower labor costs 3. 4. 5. protect valuable equipment saves expensive chemicals 6. The lower wastewater treatment operations and investment costs by recycling 7 reduce process operating and maintenance costs

    Food and Drink

    Beer clarification aid clearance, alcohol purification, food remove impurities, oil filters, activated carbon and filter aid process sugar clearance, syrup and carbonated beverage filtration, supplement / process water filtration, starch / milk and beverage production technology


    1. recovering valuable materials from the raw material 2. improve the aesthetic appearance of the intrinsic quality of the product and 3. The lower investment and production costs

    Pharmaceutical Industry

    Recycling expensive active ingredients, the serum proteins and pyrogens body removal, membrane filtration pre-filtration, gelatin filtration, filtration hormones, vitamins refining agent was filtered, filtered brine, filtered bleaching agents, bacteria and virus filters


    1. To provide high purity product 2. The recovery of the catalyst and bleaching agent 3. Reduce labor and downtime costs

    Metal Processing

    Pre-processing filter, hydraulic oil filter, precious metals recovery, paint / paint filtration, cutting fluid, coolant loop filter, washing machine parts washing water cycle, compressed air


    1. 2. The recovery of valuable catalyst to extend the working life of the machine and tool 3. Reliable filtration to reduce waste, improve the surface quality 4. lower operating costs and energy consumption


    Removing filter catalyst recovery, acids, bases and solvents, ink and carbon filter aids, filter pipe scale, emulsions and suspensions filter


    1. Provide quality


    Acrylic acid removed from the gel removal, and the crystals of the resin, removing the plastic coating of agglomerates, polymer melt filtration, to remove the suspension of PVA coagulum


    1. Provide quality

    Chemical Fiber Industry

    Filtration textile dyes, polymer filtration, water filtration, liquid filtration extinction, EG glycol filtration, air filtration, water filtration threshing


    1. Provide quality

    Coatings and inks

    Removal of suspended agglomerates, agglomerates to remove the paint, solvent filtration, tank dirt is filtered to remove the stuffing ball


    1. Provide quality


    Condensate precision filter, security filters RO ago


    1. improve water quality

    New Energy

    Wafer cutting fluid filtration, new energy battery liquid filtration, ultra-pure water filtration


    1. To improve the quality of products

    Paper Industry

    Fuai Shi has been committed to paper industry customers a modern and future development of specially designed filtration products, oil purification systems and testing equipment, paper machinery to help achieve longer uptime and high productivity.

    Shipbuilding Industry

    Fu Aishi filter can ship Shanghai water, hydraulic and lubricating oil systems, diesel offers the best solution

    Steel and non-ferrous metal

    Whether you need fine filtration, or need to re-use, Fuai Shi has a product for you to choose. In the lubrication system, Fu Aishi filters can be reliably and economically reduce contaminant levels of oil particles and water system. In order to achieve the lowest cost of ownership